Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sparton Frames

I broke my Sparton frame in two places. If you were thinking about picking up a Sparton frame for a budget freestyle or bike polo build, consider yourself warned - you get what you pay for.

From the very beginning I was running extra spacers on the left side of the rear hub to address the frame's alignment issues (pulled right) - a minor but disconcerting issue nonetheless.

I pushed this frame hard for over a year and a half and did my fair share of evangelism on behalf of Sparton frames amongst my local bike scene and on my blog/flickr. How could I not? Lugged steel, painted and shipped for below $200! Anyways, I emailed Jorge Espina at Sparton frames (with whom I established rapport on a number of occassions before and after purchasing in October of 07) and for whatever reason... he wouldn't meet me half way. Very disappointing.

Hell hath no fury like an evangelist scorned...

Sparton frame - crimped top tube and cracked down tube

Sparton frame - cracked lug at the down tube

Disclaimer: I wasn't hit by anything nor did I crash. Yes, I was doing tricks but nothing to the extent that warranted this type of damage.

10/18/2007 to 4/12/2009


Joey Infortuno said...

@Sparton Frames Management: I was forced to delete your comment because you referenced email information. I stand by this post, nothing stated here is untrue. To that end, feel free to leave another comment about your company policy, but understand that the comments section is no place to disclose said information.

Sparton Bicycles said...
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