Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unboxing my new pursuit frame...

I giggled like a wee little boy as I picked Gayas up from the post office this morning. Here's a few pics I took with my iPhone...

Gayas Super

  • Tange double butted CR-MO stainless tubing
  • 50.5cm st (c-t), 53cm tt (c-c)
  • 650c Fork
  • Campagnolo headset
  • Sugino 75 bb
  • Totally
  • Awesome
Head is spinning. Can't wait to build!


nickhem12 said...

hey hey, cool frame mang... looks like its gonna be tons of fun.... im looking for a new bike myself, you have any ideas on maybe what i should get?

nickhem12 said...

hey is wico bikes still around?