Friday, October 19, 2007

Orochimaru meets pavement

After countless hours of research, part hunting and ignoring my girlfriend; Orochimaru has finally been realized. This go around I'm proud to say that I built this bike piece by piece from the ground up. And perhaps the only thing more gratifying than educating yourself about the intricacies of each moving part is watching them work harmoniously beneath you as turn the city streets into a blur.

Another thing I learned from this endeavor (not bike related) is the importance of putting your visions/goals down on paper and setting a deadline. You've probably heard this one before but so had I and really, it works. In late September I posted the picture below on a previous blog post here and it helped me to stay on track as I inevitably started to draw inspiration from various bike porn sites. As you may know, when you immerse yourself in a project it's easy to get side-tracked or settle for something that's easier or 'good enough' at the time and for as much trouble as it has caused me to get it 'just right' when I could have taken countless different paths, in the end, it was absolutely worth it.

Joey's Orochimaru

  • Sparton frame
  • Gold Velocity Deep V w/ bladed spokes (back)
  • White Aerospoke (front)
  • Sugino Messenger cranks 46t
  • Dura Ace track cog 15t (black)
  • Selle Italia Flite saddle w/ titanium rails (white perforated leather)
  • Nitto Jaguar 90mm stem (black anodized)
  • Chopped FUNN bars
  • MKS pedals w/ Soma cages
  • Gold Izumi track chain
Realized 10/18

*note: on 4/12/09 the Sparton frame in these pictures broke


DaemonP said...

Sweet bike man! I'm looking forward to crazy bike videos.

steelee faltis said...

nice pictures. im currently waiting on one of these frames in a custom color. but its been hard to find decent photos of them. what size frame is yours? how does the weight feel? and is there a web site you go to to make those bike mock-ups?

Joey Infortuno said...

hello steelee faltis,

frame size: 54cm

weight feels pretty good considering the price but if you want a super-light bike then keep in mind that you get what you pay for but I love how tight the geometry is...

yes, you can make mock-ups at this website:

good luck with your project, let me know when you put up pictures

Rae said...

nice build,

im building sparton too and i am also getting sugino RD.... people said that sugino RD make a slack i was wondering about your bike, how is your chainline? does it make any sound or its perfect?

you use a 120mm rear hub right?