Sunday, February 22, 2009

Images from February's Crank Mob

Here's a few pics from last night's Crank Mob. Sorry about the blurry photos, a lot of these were taken while riding.

Crank Mob - 2/21/2009

This band awaited the mob in the middle of an Albertson's parking lot. I didn't catch their name but the lead singer was hotter than hot. When I got there, they were covering Shit Luck by Modest Mouse, and then the police came...

*Edit 2/23: The band is Professor Calculus - check em' out

Hern and friends

The ride concluded at a curious location. The spot, an Asian Imports warehouse by day, dance hub by night. "FMLY presents Booty Shaking w/ Daedelus, Free the Robots, and Intricate Machines " - link.

Good, clean, fun - Crank Mob


Anonymous said...

the band is called "Professor Calculus"

Joey Infortuno said...

Thanks! Will update...