Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friend me on dailymile

I've gone on a bit of a fitness tear lately. I recently acquired the Perfect Pushup, an Everlast pull up bar (I hate pull ups!), an ab roller and started running again. All of this on top of my daily 20 mile bicycle commute. There was no real reason or motivator behind my recent increase in activity other than the feeling of simply needing to do it. Although, I think the call to action may have something to do with my body finally adjusting to my extended commute since moving to El Segundo. In any case, the exhaustion from my commute is no longer "enough", and it feels good!

Whether your daily hustle is big or small - if you're actively taking steps to improve your fitness level then I recommend joining dailymile... recording how much you kill yourself:

  • is fun
  • motivates you to kill yourself tomorrow
  • motivates you to kill yourself harder tomorrow
  • motivates people around you to kill themselves
Get at it! And then friend me :)

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