Friday, September 5, 2008

RVCA X Cinelli

New pick ups! The screen on the front reads...

"In 1984 I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to meet Gary Fisher, who almost lived in a pioneer hovel, and we went to hear the Dead, skipping the lines (MTB power!). We didn't talk much shop, but a short time later the first Italian, and maybe the first European, MTB was born.

Today I'm back in San Francisco with RVCA, and I'm sure there will always be good music for those who know how to listen. Art, design, technology, rock, it's true that I have changed the bike some, but the best part is that she changes herself, whether I like it or not. Today young artists dress her up like a bride and then strip her, delicately or madly, but always with love. In Italian we call them fissati, fixated, another way of saying maniacs. I like working with maniacs, art is mania, obsession, just like music is mania, bikes are mania.

You'll never catch the perfect bike because she will always be faster than you, though the guys from RVCA go faster than most, and I hope to stay in a permanent breakaway with them, with Cinelli. I've changed the bike, yes, but she has also changed me. Thanks, my bride.

Antonio Colombo



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