Friday, June 13, 2008

my morning commute

I always thought it'd be fun to document my morning commute and after last night's embarrassing loss to Boston... I couldn't be more anxious to finally move on this idea and wash my previous post.

Every photo was taken in motion as I was riding my bike. Mostly no-handed with a couple one-handers but never ever stopping to shoot.

Right in front of the apartment - waiting to cross Centinela.

The first half of my commute is residential, aahhh no cars :)

Go green - ride a bike to work, it's fun!

looking forward

looking back

getting ready to golf

passed this cyclist on Rose

at the light - Rose & Lincoln

walkin' the dog

there's always people outside the coffee shop on 7th

just a little further down Rose and a right on Hampton...

the impervious to gas prices rack at JibJab

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