Thursday, June 12, 2008

Go Lakers!

The 3rd quarter is winding down as I'm making this post... as a matter of fact, Kobe just hit Gasol for the alley-oop! Ohhhhhh! Good basketball or Odom-ination? Doesn't matter, I'm calling the win right here. But no matter the outcome, with the way these two teams play at home, the series hasn't truly begun until both teams have played an equal amount of games at home. In other words, the series beings after tonight's game - game 4.

From car flags and jerseys to away messages and twitters that read "GO LAKERS!", LA is getting behind its team. To that end, I thought it might be kind of cool to post how some of LA's most notorious street wear/fashion brands are supporting their team.

Team Odom BS Tee by Undefeated

Ruling Elite Pack by Crooks & Castles

These shades aren't even out yet. Lamar Odom in the Costellano Mosley Tribes for Crooks



Tim said...

I blame that loss 100% on you and your big, bloggy mouth

Joey Infortuno said...

Guilty as chaged... with great jinxing power comes great responsibility. Looking forward to game 6 - GO LAKERS!