Wednesday, January 2, 2008

pornography of the bicycle...

Sucks! While the vast majority of independent films should be taken with a grain of salt not even the beers you may sneak into the theater and quickly ingest will save you from, well... just about everything. I do have to mention that seeing the Macaframa SF Track Bike Promo somewhere in the middle of the film (on the big screen) almost made $6 ticket worth it but then the film continued.

I also got my very first traffic ticket ever on the way home from the show and I was on my bicycle! Resurrecting negative feelings is never a good thing so here's a short list of things I did enjoy about that not so eventful night...

  • riding my fixie
  • stopping for Thai food
  • drinking in a movie theater
  • taking pictures!
Vine Theater - Hollywood, CA

Jerrald's Windsor, my Sparton, Feaver's Bare Knuckle and Liz's Schwin

The scene

Me and Oro in Hollywood

More pics

*note: on 4/12/09 the Sparton frame in the pics above broke

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Phillip said...

doood, so sucked. at least i brought a 12 of papst to keep myself occupied. I think i recoginize yer bike, ill have to say was up next time i see u on a ride