Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Discovering New Music

Pandora will help you discover more music that you like. Simply tell it a particular artist or song - Pandora takes that information and creates a personalized radio station that intuitively plays related songs for you. Although their algorithm presents similar music that it thinks you will like, it helps to fine tune your station by jibbing and jabbing the songs with the ol' thumbs up/down as they're played.

I emailed the people over at Pandora to have them consider integrating The Blood Arm into their genome project for my Eagles of Death Metal Radio Station. Jasmyn Wong at Pandora replied to me within a couple days saying, "Thanks for the great recommendation of the Blood Arm.We greatly appreciate it! We're getting so many great music suggestions every day. So it may take us some time, but we will look into this music. I've added it to our to-research list. We're so glad that you are enjoying Pandora. Thanks for taking the time to write to us and for your interest in Pandora!" It'll be interesting to see if they ever actually get around to doing this.

Another great music discovery service I've been hearing a lot about but haven't gotten around to trying is's Neighbor Radio. I'll try and post about this soon after giving them a try but there's an interesting post about this service over at A VC if you'd like to know more now.

Many thanks to my friend Ben for reminding me to check Pandora out as well as Andy at AltNews for introducing me to Boards of Canada. If you like The Thievery Corporation then chances are Pandora's Roygbiv Radio Station will rock your socks.

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