Monday, April 23, 2007

The Business 2.0 Disruptors Roundtable

Last Thurday I went to Business 2.0's Disruptors Panel at The Standard in downtown Los Angeles. Many thanks to Gregg Spiridellis for dragging me along. The event was amazing!

Business 2.0's Deputy Editor Adam Horowitz led the panel discussion in which various figureheads from diverse industries discussed how their business models are"disrupting" their scene. As you can probably imagine, when you amass that much brain power into a small room and open the floor for discussion, the level of discourse was as volatile as it was fascinating. Although the dialogue was riddled with noteworthy highs of scholarly banter, I will say that things got particularly interesting as the attendees discussed the state of the recording industry, prospects of solar power and what type of startup they would collectively create when challenged to formulate the most disruptive startup they could think of as a group right then and there. Conveying just how humbling it was to witness the creative processes that took place in that room is a task well beyond me and I look forward to reading Adam's article of the event in a future issue of Business 2.0.

Aside from the free food and booze served atop The Standard's rooftop bar; after party highlights include jibjabin' with Alex Albrecht Producer and Co-host of Diggnation and getting a dap greeting from Shawn Gold - Senior Vice President of Marketing and Content for MySpace.

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