Monday, March 19, 2007

YouTube Video Awards

Saw the following post on my Mashable RSS feed and had to give a shout-out to my favorite Vlog - AskANinja!

YouTube will announce on Monday the launch of “YouTube Video Awards” - a late attempt to honor the best-user generated videos of 2006. The seven categories are Most Inspirational, Most Creative, Best Series, Best Comedy, Musician of the Year, Best Commentary and “Most Adorable Video Ever.” When it goes live, the nominees will be listed here, and voting will take place from Monday to Friday. For those of you who know how readily some users game YouTube, however, the user voting might be a cause for concern. The winners will be announced on March 25th, and trophies will be awarded.

The nominees list will be familiar to those suffering from YouTube addiction - Renetto, Geriatric1927, Barats and Bereta, Smosh, Lonelygirl15, OK GO, and Ask a Ninja. Depending on how it goes, the YouTube Video Awards may become an annual event, and a real-world ceremony is also possible.


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