Thursday, March 15, 2007

Free Coffee!

I just found out that Starbucks is treating its visitors to a tall cup of coffee between 10am and noon today! If you're only finding out about his now it's probably too late but then again there's probably a location within 10ft of where you're currently sitting.

I got one =) Did you?


andy said...

I didn't get my free coffee. Guess that'll teach me to let your post notifications sit in my inbox for any extended period of time. Since I know they wouldn't publicize free coffee, I'm preposing we all launch a multi-million dollar ad campaign next time they do, grab a seat out of local Starbucks on free coffee day, and watch the riot that ensues, all the while chomping on popcorn.

little sister said...

rats, no free caffeine for me either. At least that way I'm half-sleeping through whatever it is that Mitch
Daniels is up to right now ;)

(btw, thanks for stopping by my blog!)