Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trackstand footy from BikeDayLA

My friend captured some video of me in the the trackstand competition that went down at BikeDay LA a few weeks back.

BikeDayLA - Trackstand Comp from Joey on Vimeo.

On a separate note, I was able to scrape this video from facebook by:
  1. Opening my temporary internet files folder
  2. Sorted items by date, then by size
  3. Located/copied a large unknown file type (recognized "fb" in the string)
  4. Pasted file to desktop
  5. Renamed file so extension ended in ".flv"
  6. ^Success (you will need a flash player)
Tip: I redid step 5, renaming the file to end in ".mp4" to see if picture quality wold improve. It did, slightly... so I went with that file instead.

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