Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Venice Chill Ride - 1 Year Anniversary

The Venice Chill Ride is fun and tonight's 1 year anniversary ride was no different. We took the O.G. route - Venice to Diddy Reese in Westwood and back.

uncomiro and cience are talented photographers, these photos are from their Flickr streams...

VCR meets every Tuesday, 7:30 @ Windward Circle


I don't know who this is but he had bar spin wheelies on autopilot

me, about to keo spin

George from the LAB bunny hops this guy, then later on, gives him $5 to keo spin off his back. George gets it first try, crazy!

Yep, that's a "Where The Wild Things Are" t-shirt, need I say more?

Friendly people and nice bikes, VCR - 1/20/09

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