Friday, January 9, 2009

tilt-shift photograpy

What are tilt-shift photos? Tilt-shift style photos are pictures of real-life scenes that are manipulated to look like miniature toy-model photographs. My friend Aaron put me onto another cool photo app that does just that.

After testing the TiltShiftMaker photo app with a couple images on my desktop, I couldn't wait to take my camera out and go shoot! Here are a few shots I took during lunch and edited with TiltShift.

cool name for a street

I was going to turn this photo monochrome except for the yellow on his dunks but then I thought the blue sky and the rich mapley goodness of his board were offsets too good to omit and decided to leave it in living color.

Ballin' in Santa Monica, CA. If you haven't noticed yet, the TiltShift app let's you select the area of focus. For this shot, the focus goes right across the middle versus the next pic below where the focus goes straight across the top.

Watch for em!

on my fixie

Here's a good example of how the TiltShift app micro-sizes the subjects making it look like a photograph of a model

cute girl on a swing

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