Tuesday, October 28, 2008


For the past month I've been weighing the iPhone 3G against the G1. I also considered waiting to see what might become of Nvidia's Tegra UI for mobile devices. But I just got out of contract and had to make a decision, now, right now, the gamebraker... the App Store. Sooo many apps! I know, old news, but until you dig in and experience it for yourself it somehow isn't real.

Initially, the apps didn't blow me away. After following tweet after tweet and reading countless posts about the hundreds of apps launching everyday, I became desensitized. Virtual lightsabers and beer apps, okay cool, you've got my attention but I'm still on the fence over here... Kevin's Qik demo, and what this meant in terms of scale/potential for future apps is what pushed me over. The grass is definitely greener.

old vs new

Title credits: Andy O.

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Andy "Shabazz" Ochiltree said...

2 must get apps: Light saber and Cowbell!