Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sick fiddy

Went for a ride around West LA last night to get acquainted with the new 650 (or should I say 'sick fiddy'!?) I put on last weekend.

It was fun, highlights include...

  • The volleyball courts by the pier are surprisingly alive at night and there was live music by a group comprised of 40-something year old rock'n'roll skateboarders
  • Running into and getting reacquainted with Karen (a girl I met two weeks ago on vcr) - If you're reading this, hello again :)
  • Messin' around w/ barspins (my front wheel fell into gaps between the wooden planks on the pier but all spokes are running true *sighs of relief)
  • Running into the 'Taco Tuesdays' ride at the bridge in Marina Del Rey where the Ballona Creek bike path ends
  • Rockin' out the whole way courtesy of these bad boys

Along the beach - Santa Monica, CA

New 'sick fiddy' at the pier

Drawing inspiration from the "Escape From The Camera" group on Flickr, I set a two second delay and ran for it!

Speaking of Flickr, I was stoked to see a few of my photographs getting some blogosphere love... put em' in your reader

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