Monday, February 4, 2008

white on white

I got my Vittoria Zaffiro tire in the mail end of last week but just got around to putting it on minutes ago. White tire on a white Aerospoke. I think I'm feeling the ol' black tire but I'll give it a chance and see if it grows on me. What do you think?


Rae said...

nice build,

im building sparton too and i am also getting sugino RD.... people said that sugino RD make a slack i was wondering about your bike, how is your chainline? does it make any sound or its perfect?

you use a 120mm rear hub right?


Joey Infortuno said...

Hi rae,

I'm running a Sugino Messenger crank (46t 3/32 at 130BCD). Not too sure about the sugino RD but if you're considering a Messenger I have nothing negative to say about it... chain slack is not an issue for me so long as I readjust the tension approx once a month... frequency of this will depend on how much you ride. I don't think once a month is unreasonable given how many miles/week I put on.

Yep, 120mm rear Velocity hub. After the rains out here in LA it got noisy for a bit but I went to my local bike shop and covered my chain, chainring and cog in this "Rock'N'Roll" oil/lube/cleaner stuff and now it's super quiet.

Good luck with your build! Hit me back when you put up pics.