Friday, December 21, 2007

Home for the Holidays

After a blitzkrieg pack-job I said goodbye to my bike and headed for Seattle. Nothing like stepping off a plane into 37 degree weather to make you realize how soft living in Los Angeles will make you. First day back in Seattle was nothing short of eventful. Today started with an epic season-opener at Crystal Mountain. One of the many perks of being home is when your cellphone alarm fails you can count on mom to wake you up. Up by 7:40 and out the door ready to snowboard by 8:00. The latter half of the day was spent cruising around Lake Washington courtesy of Captain Keith and a festive Refugio. I'll let the pictures say the rest - here are a few from Crystal Mountain and the Holiday Boat Parade...

From the car... almost there, stoked!

$58 will get you a chairlift ticket, which is helpful for getting up the mountain and taking fisheye pictures from Craig's goggles while on a chairlift. reflection - Ben, Paul and me

Epic view from the top of the lift (first run of the day)


Day's end, tired but smiling - time to head home for some holiday eats

"Refugio" - I was the last to arrive, about a dozen people already on board...

Below deck - lots of food but the dessert table is where I lived

Christmas Boat Parade - Lake Washington. It's hard to capture the sheer amount of boats on the water but we were completely surrounded on all sides! Be forewarned, the night setting on my camera leaves the shutter open for a bit longer and when you combine that with the wake from all the boat traffic you get blurry pictures, but you get the idea...

All the boats congregate around the big boat blaring Christmas music
Ho, ho, ho!

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