Friday, September 21, 2007

CUBCAMP review

The CUBCAMP ride leaves from Bikerowave in Santa Monica every Thursday at 9pm. I went last night (ride 2/5 apparently progressing in difficulty). We biked to Hollywood, which ended up being just under 30 miles round trip... not quite up to par with the intimidating 50+ mile description noted on the site.

I plan on eventually making my way out to Silverlake and doing the Wolfpack ride so I was particularly excited for the CUB ride because those who led it described it as, "All CUB rides are fast-ride intended to train (or deter) riders for Wolfpack rides." To that end, if the Wolfpack is anything like the CUB ride (I'm betting it's not) then I needn't train or be deterred. We stopped three times (once for ice cream) and I found myself wishing the pace was quicker throughout the night.

Overall, it was a fun ride with great people and I would definitely do it again. But if you're looking for something really challenging, then maybe this isn't the ride for you.


  • Chasing the banana in Hollywood
  • Fixie progression: learned to fish tail skid and improved my downhill control
  • Good exercise equals good sleep
  • Making new friends and seeing a different side of LA
Morgan & Elvis

Chase the banana



Richtotheie said...

Just some clarification- Being able to complete a SINGLE cubcamp ride does NOT mean you are ready for wolfpack. As you pointed out, you participated in a "week 2 of 5". Week 5 is THE hardest and fastest of the 5 week cycle. Once being able to complete the week 5, you should not have a problem riding with Wolfpack.

This last Week 5 we had a 50 mile ride and a 99 mile ride both starting at the same time, 9 pm.

Hope to see you on the road,


Joey Infortuno said...

richtotheie, Sorry to hear about your accident -- sending healing thoughts your way.

Thanks for reiterating the difficulty progression... I've been on a few more of these since this post back in September; week 4 & 5 are definitely much harder.