Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Hour

On a budget? Like to party? Check out these two sites brought to my attention by at

UnThirsty: This is a Google Maps mashup that lets you search for happy hours, food specials, and drink specials in real time. It also tells you which places have outdoor seating and Wi-Fi hot spots.

MappyHour: Here is another Google Maps mashup, which lists drink specials and happy hour info for bars across the United States.

MappyHour worked better for me when I did my search for happenings around the Venice, CA area. What's your favorite drink-locator mashup site?


DaemonP said...

Joey -

McCormick and Schmidts happy-hour is awesome if you can find one close to here. $1.95 burger and drinks is enough to live.

Andy Ochiltree said...

Ditto on the Schmidts. We had one in Boston, and a bunch of college students + happy hour = mayhem. Good happy hour menu, lots of choices.

David said...

Joey -- we need to get JibJab included in these mashups... so people can get a few jokes to take with them to happy hour... you know... to amuse the attendees!