Friday, April 27, 2007

gas prices by zip

Last night the gf was complaining about gas prices so I googled "gas prices by zip" to see what sort of help the web might offer. Now there's probably a slew of better or more refined keyword search phrases I could have used but that's what I went with and this is what I found. (First 4 relevant links) - Google placement #1. This page sucks. Experience didn't reassure me that I could rely on what I was viewing. The cluttered map was forced upon me too early and it takes up too much screen inventory. I won't waste any more time on this...just another crappy service from MSN. - Google placement #2~3. Best site! Overall look is a bit guerrilla but the results positively reinforce why everyone uses Google search. required the least amount of clicks to reach desired content and I like the way the information was presented here more than any of these other sites. Most of the sites discussed here have the date pricing was updated but goes as far as indicating the time and I like how they don't force the map upon me too early but it's only a click away once I've honed into the right area.

GPW - Google placement #3~5. This page is ugly. It's uglier than and doesn't give you the goods. A lot of the time the updates are 3 days off and the placement of their "Put Me First" button makes my skin crawl. What is that thing? Not even for the sake of this post could I bring myself to click it. - Google placement #6~8. Not bad but far from good. Information wasn't as detailed as I'd it to be (no time of update), the map tab didn't work and when I clicked the "Update Gas Price" button I got a 'site is down' screen. I like the pop up girl tutorial but when I went back and pushed play the tutorial was replaced with blabber. Nice touch though if they can keep it relevant.

Hope this helps and if anyone knows of any sites doing this better than be sure to leave one.

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