Friday, March 23, 2007


My sister emailed me this morning asking, "Should we go for a traditional wedding cake (almond-scented white cake with raspberry filling) or cupcakes from the ultimate cupcake bakery in Ballard, Cupcake Royale?" She attached the following picture.

Initially I told her to go with a traditional cake but after taking a look at Cupcake Royale's website I found myself caught in the middle. This company is ROCK'n! I love the vibe I get from this site. Sort of like and edgier American Apparel for cupcakes! A great example of how company culture can shine through and add to brand equity. I can't wait for Web 3.0 - click on a cupcake and out it comes, fresh from your disc-drive.

Anyhow, getting back to being on the fence about this one, what do you guys think? We'd love to hear your input. Should she go with a traditional cake or the wedding cupcakes? My sister is an "avid cupcaker" and values taste heavily over presentation so any wedding cake specialists that you could recommend local to the Seattle/Bellevue area would be much appreciated.

Can't wait to fly home and smash a few of these into my face.


Beth said...

Will she feel like she's missing out on the traditional cake-cutting if she goes with the cupcakes? If not, they're much less work when it comes to serving. I've always thought it was a good idea. But I want to have a potluck wedding, so take that into consideration when weighing my opinion.

Ben (groom) said...

Cupcakes! We get a mini-cake to cut into (look at the picture posted)

little sister said...

Cupcakes!!!! While the traditional wedding cake sounds tasty to me, that cupcake website caused me to drool uncontrollably all over my shirt and my iBook!!! Even the nonchocolate choices look mouthwatering!

The trend in the last few years for weddings seems to be toward highly personalized choices favoring the tastes of the bride and groom - not tradition. So to paraphrase Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat cupcakes!"

Anna Rea said...

cupcakes! "ftw!"

Anonymous said...

how about a petite version of a traditional wedding cake for cutting and those luscious cupcakes to serve!